8 Easy Pork Recipes for the Freezer in an Hour by Shelly Olson

Life Gets Busy, Have Dinner Waiting

Your day can get so busy with everything you need to do. It's easy for the day to slip away and before you know it, it's suddenly time for dinner. 

If you love to have home cooked meals but know you need to plan ahead to get them done then this type  of freezer cooking is for you. 

Save Time and Money and Stock the Freezer

Old fashioned freezer cooking has you buying lots of ingredients, cooking all day, and eating precooked food all month long.  While that is one way to freezer cook, this is a better way. 

What if you could make ahead meals that you didn't have to cook on the day of prep? So the meals when you cooked them tasted fresh, not frozen.

What if you could make a bunch of freezer meals with just one pork loin and not a lot of other ingredients? Which could save you money if you purchase the pork loin on sale. 

What if you could do all of this in about an hour? Well you can!

Stock Your Freezer Fast

Don't want to spend all day freezer cooking?

I've got a solution for you, with batch freezer cooking. In this ebook, I'm sharing 7 recipes to make 8 pork freezer packs.

Included in the ebook are a shopping list, the recipes and my freezer cooking tips to make the process go smoothly

With each recipe, you'll get the instructions for making the freezer packs, a list of any addition items needed to prepare the recipe and side dish serving ideas too.

It's a full meal plan for each recipe. 

Get the Inventory Sheet Too...

When you purchase the ebook you'll get an inventory sheet that you can edit before you print it. 

So you can track all those yummy freezer meals you have tucked away in your freezer. 

8 Easy Pork Recipes for the Freezer in an Hour

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