Garden Planner by Shelly Olson

The Garden Planner

Track your garden's progress from seed to harvest with this printable garden planner. 

With this planner you can make the most of your garden space. 

You Can...

Track what plants or seeds you grew. What did well in your garden so you can grow it again. 

And track what plants or seeds didn't do well so you don't grow them again.

Record a plant journal to have a record of what steps to take the next year when growing that plant again. 

And a weekly garden record so you'll know when to plant, when to harvest and how much it cost you to garden. 

And more!

What's In the Garden Planner

Inside the garden planner you'll find pages to track when to plan your seeds, planting calendar chart, harvest tracker, a plant journal and a weekly garden journal to document how your garden is growing and more.

Use it Year After Year

Once you purchase the garden planner you can use it year after year.

This enables you to keep a record from the previous years to help you plan for the next season's garden. 

Garden Planner

Editable pages to plan your garden from seeds to harvest. 

What's included?

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What You Get...

Garden Planner Final copy.pdf
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